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Overdoughs, a homegrown pastry shop, is best known for Mini Chonky Cookies, Crinkles and signature coffee - OD Barako Cold Brew 36. While this not OD-nary bakeshop continues to serve delectable pastries, we believe in Doing Good Through Good Food by bringing our advocacy to action - Inclusivity and Diversity. Thus, the 100% of the service charge in the branches are shared among the Deaf Partner.

With the exemplar display of both food and our Deaf Partners, we have launched the first Overdoughs Cafe at Promenade Mall, Greenhills that extends our product line to savory menu items like OD Sourdough Pizza, Chicken Strips, and OD Fat Fries in May 2022.


Elait, an artisanal rolled ice cream and country's first rolled yogurt, spreads Happiness in a Cup through the variety of novelty flavors, such as Strawberry Trifle, Chocolate Overload, Triple Choco Chonky, and alike with a choice of custard or yogurt base which are made right in front of you so to be part of the dessert-making experience. This happiness in a cup also extends its array of products like the Elait Ice Cream in a Pint, Elait Yogurt Ice Cream, and Elait Milk Drinks to be enjoyed in the comforts of home.

Furthermore, every Elait cup purchased, you get to support the Philippine Local Dairy Industry. We believe in the quality of Filipino products. With less than 1% of our Dairy Products being used locally, we make it our mission to support this industry by using locally sourced ingredients.

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