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Festaeval 2022 Cup Sleeve

- Box of 4 Purple Fondant Cookies
- Choice of Beverage: OD 36 Barako Cold Brew or Strawberry Milk Drink (for delivery option)/ Any available Espresso Drink (for pickup at Overdoughs Cafe at Promenade Mall)
- (1) Cup Sleeve
- (1) Notepad
- (3) Photocards
- V Stickers

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this available in merchant apps (eg. FoodPanda, RiderKo, etc.)?
- This is exclusive via website order only.

2. Can I avail through walk-in at OD Cafe?
- This is only available for pre-order via website order only.

3. What is the flavor of the Fondant Cookie?
- Calamansi flavor with regular Fondant on top

4. What are the options for the Coffee Drink?
- Any flavor of Espresso Drink, if Pick Up option at Overdoughs Cafe Promenade
Cafe Latte
Cafe Mocha
Spanish Latte
Caramel Macchiato

- Any flavor of OD 36 Barako Cold Brew, if Delivery option
Muscovado Black
Kape Kondensada
Tablea Mocha

5. Is this available in other branches?
- No, it is only available via website for pre-order and Overdoughs Cafe Promenade as a pick up option.

For bulk orders, you may call 0917 8611 059.